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Chemical Industry

  • · Enhancing Production Safety, Reducing Pollution
    Addressing the chemical industry's onsite response inadequacies, we present a suite of NIR solutions. This would effectively reduce the incidents of production accidents as well as pollution, thus saving production costs. It aids chemical enterprises in improving production efficiency and reducing energy consumption under the premise of ensuring safety, achieving sustainable development.
  • · Real-Time Data Monitoring, Effective Production Management
    NIR analyzers can monitor key parameters inside pipelines and reactors in real-time. Real-time reporting of key production node enhances process control. This helps enterprises better understand production states, promptly identify potential issues, and take effective measures for resolution.
  • · Real-time Data Sharing, Wiser Decision Making
    Real-time reporting improves the transparency and traceability of the production process, which supports enterprise decision-making. Data sharing also allows different departments to avoid information gap, which optimizes team collaboration and improves enterprise competitiveness.