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Fruit Industry

  • · Smart Sorting, Efficient Quality Control
    Within the realm of fruit quality assessment, NIR technology enables investigating the internal quality of fruits without compromising their external appearance. This greatly aids in fruit sorting and quality management. Through the analysis of near-infrared spectra of fruits, we can precisely understand key indicators such as sugar content, acidity, moisture level, and the presence of diseases in the fruit. This non-destructive method allows fast testing of more fruits, which significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the quality control process.
  • · Customized Analysis, Diverse Applications
    NIR technology can be customized to analyse unique internal qualities of different fruits, such as moisture content, sugar level, acidity, and disease conditions. This provides more accurate data support for fruit sorting and enhances the specificity and effectiveness of fruit quality inspections.
  • · High-Speed Detection, Refined Management
    NIR technology also features high-speed detection without blind spots, making possible rapid analysis of many samples in a short time. We can conduct thorough quality assessment for each batch of fruits, ensuring the selected fruits meet quality standards.