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Feed Analysis

  • · Feed Production: Quality Control for Profitability
    NIR analyzers are capable of testing the quality of animal feed without damaging the products and without using pretreatment in few minutes. This enables feed producers to conduct comprehensive product testing from the raw material stage to production. This can help companies maintain feed composition and quality, helping them improve profitability, save cost and achieve digital transformation of  the process.
  • · Feed Trading: Right Price for the Right Product
    Feed industry has multiple stages of trading including raw material procurement, and finished product sales in multiple levels. Suppliers and buyers can easily carry the equipment anywhere for on-the-spot quick testing and enjoy the right price for the right product.
  • · Feed Manufacturing: Quality Optimization through Real-Time Monitoring
    During the processing, accurate formulation based on the actual content values of each raw material is crucial. NIR analyzers can help evaluate the amount of key components in raw materials in real-time and monitor the quality and formulation of the products in production so manufacturers can adjust the production set up to optimize product quality.