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Who we are

IAT Singapore Pte Ltd (IAT) is a leading provider of professional Near-Infrared (NIR) analysis products and services, with full integration of research and development (R&D), production, and sales. With sales network spanning across the globe, we are committed to advancing the technology of NIR spectroscopy and providing global users with desirable solutions.

We constantly focus on customers’ challenges and have accumulated numerous success cases across diverse industries, including crops and animal feed, food & beverage, fermentation and chemical industries. We not only offer non-destructive, efficient and cost-effective quality analysis solutions but also contribute to the digital and smart transformation of our customers for enhanced productivity.

IAT products have been proven stable and accurate in quality analysis for grains, oil, animal feed, chemicals, and food and our services have been exceptional, from customer product training, post-sales technical support to maintenance and repair.

  • Technical Team

    R&D and innovation are at the core of IAT. Our technical team comprises of talents from renowned universities, 50% of which holding masters and PhD degrees and bringing in leading industry experience and profound technical expertise. In the field of NIR spectroscopy analysis, we have achieved a series of breakthroughs that brought significant economic and social benefits to our customers and won numerous honors and awards.

Product and service

Equipped with proprietary high-performance MEMS NIR detection system and high-speed scanning algorithm, IAT NIR analyzers are able to collect spectra rapidly and accurately. They are also stable and durable and offer non-destructive, convenient and low-cost quality analysis function.
Our self-developed Linux-based APP, Tiso, features an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. After a short training session, users are able to conduct quality analysis independently. We also developed different sampling accessories to make sample measurement an easier task than ever.
We provide one-on-one training to equip the customer teams with necessary knowledge and skills to smoothly operate software and hardware.
With rich experience and knowledge of different regions and industries, we customize maintenance plans for each customer with reliable post-sales support, giving customers peace of mind.