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  • IAS-3120
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On-the-Go Rapid Analysis
Versatile and Efficient Analysis for Multiple Scenarios

The IAS-3120 portable NIR analyzer, with its advanced digital exposure spectroscopy technology, exhibits exceptional sensitivity and precision in a compact, integrated design, providing consistently high-quality rapid testing results.

The powerful functionality and easy-to-operate feature of the IAS-3120 allow you to focus on more important tasks rather than spending time on instrument maintenance. Whether at the raw material stage or the finished product stage, in the laboratory or at the production site, reliable results can be obtained quickly. With real-time data, you can take quick actions to avoid costly rework and errors, thereby saving valuable resources.

Product Features
  • Compact and Portable
    Its compact and portable design is adaptable to various situations.
  • Precise, Rapid Testing
    Equipped with a self-developed high-performance MEMS NIR detection system and fast scanning algorithm, the instrument acquires spectra in rapidly and accurately.
  • Simple Operation
    The testing involves no pretreatment nor chemical reagents. One touch of ‘Start’ button will return analysis of multiple parameters in a short time.
  • Large-Spot Illumination
    The instrument illuminates and collects information from large areas of the sample, improving the accuracy of the analysis.
  • Multiple Size Options for Sample Cells
    A range of sample cells are available to suit different samples depending on their quantities and states.
  • Chemical Industry

    · Enhancing Production Safety, Reducing Pollution

    Chemical Industry

  • Fermentation Industry

    · Dynamic Control, Precise Node Management

    Fermentation Industry

  • Food Industry

    · Efficient Detection, Safeguarding Food Safety

    Food Industry

  • Feed Analysis

    · Feed Production: Quality Control for Profitability

    Feed Analysis

Calibration and Sampling Accessory
  • Accessory
    • Name: 3100-Medium Sample Cell
      Material: Aluminum Alloy (6061)
      Dimensions: D:138mm, H:25mm(excluding handle)
      Function: Suitable for small granular (e.g., feed pellets) or powdery samples (e.g., flour, rice bran, rice bran meal)
    • Name: 3100-Small Sample Cell
      Material: Aluminum Alloy (6061)
      Dimensions: D:45mm, H:25mm
      Function: Suitable for small sample volumes (e.g., herbal powder) and liquid (e.g., milk, soy milk, syrup)
    • Name: 3100-Transflection Cover
      Material: Aluminum Alloy (6061)
      Dimensions: D:38mm, H:8mm (excluding the handle), light path length: 1mm
      Function: A transflection cover used with small sample cell, commonly used for sampling transparent liquid
    • Name: 3100-Small Cell Holder
      Material: Aluminum Alloy (6061)
      Dimensions: D: 136mm, H: 8.4mm
      Function: A plate that holds a small sample cell.
    • Name: 3100-Large Sample Cell
      Material: Aluminum Alloy (6061)
      Dimensions: D: 138mm, H: 50mm
      Function: Suitable for powdery, granular, or grass-type samples.
    • Name: 3100-Large Cell Press
      Material: stainless steel
      Dimensions: D: 128mm, H: 15mm (excluding handle)
      Function: Used with 3100-Large Sample cell for testing grass-type samples.
Technical Specifications



Wavelength Range




Spectroscopic Principle

Array MEMS Micromirror + Grating


InGaAs Detector

Baseline Noise


Wavelength Repeatability


Wavelength Accuracy


Absorbance Repeatability


Testing Time


Data Interval





265mm x 340.5mm x 262.3mm




7-inch Touch Screen

Operational Temperature


Operating Humidity


Storage Temperature


Light Source

Halogen-Tungsten Lamp

Power Supply


Power Consumption


Integrated Operating System within the Device


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