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  • IAS-3100
  • IAS-3100
  • IAS-3100


Empowering Smarter Decision-Making in the Lab
Analysis of Multi-State Samples

The IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer is suitable for analysing granular, powdery, and liquid samples. Its compact and robust design makes it an ideal choice for real-time laboratory analysis.

The IAS-3100 features a large-area scanning mode, which helps include more sample in one measure and obtain higher-quality spectra. This instrument facilitates batch analysis to reduce manpower needs and increase sample volumes. It supports your daily work by tracking sample quality in real-time. The testing data provided by the 3100 have been reliable for fast-changing samples.

Product Features
  • Compact and Portable
    Its compact and portable design is adaptable to various situations.
  • Simple Operation
    The testing involves no pretreatment nor chemical reagents. One touch of ‘Start’ button will return analysis of multiple parameters in a short time.
  • Large-Spot Illumination
    The instrument illuminates and collects information from large areas of the sample, improving the accuracy of the analysis.
  • Multiple Size Options for Sample Cells
    A range of sample Cells are available to suit different samples depending on their quantities and states.
  • Automatic Self-Maintenance
    Fully automated referencing and calibration functions make machine maintenance hassle-free.
  • Tobacco Industry

    · Rapid Screening, Effective Quality Control

    Tobacco Industry

  • Fruit Industry

    · Smart Sorting, Quality Control

    Fruit Industry

  • Fermentation Industry

    · Dynamic Control, Precise Node Management

    Fermentation Industry

  • Feed Analysis

    · Feed Production: Quality Control for Profitability

    Feed Analysis

Calibration and Sampling Accessory
  • Accessory
    • Name: 3100-Medium Sample Cell
      Material: Aluminum Alloy (6061)
      Dimensions: D:138mm, H:25mm(excluding handle)
      Function: Suitable for small granular (e.g., feed pellets) or powdery samples (e.g., flour, rice bran, rice bran meal)
    • Name: 3100-Small Sample Cell
      Material: Aluminum Alloy (6061)
      Dimensions: D:45mm, H:25mm
      Function: Suitable for small sample volumes (e.g., herbal powder) and liquid (e.g., milk, soy milk, syrup)
    • Name: 3100-Transflection Cover
      Material: Aluminum Alloy (6061)
      Dimensions: D:38mm, H:8mm (excluding the handle), light path length: 1mm
      Function: A transflection cover used with small sample cell, commonly used for sampling transparent liquid
    • Name: 3100-Small Cell Holder
      Material: Aluminum Alloy (6061)
      Dimensions: D: 136mm, H: 8.4mm
      Function: A plate that holds a small sample cell.
    • Name: 3100-Large Sample Cell
      Material: Aluminum Alloy (6061)
      Dimensions: D: 138mm, H: 50mm
      Function: Suitable for powdery, granular, or grass-type samples.
    • Name: 3100-Large Cell Press
      Material: stainless steel
      Dimensions: D: 128mm, H: 15mm (excluding handle)
      Function: Used with 3100-Large Sample cell for testing grass-type samples.
    • Name: 3100-Rotating Disc
      Material: Aluminum Alloy (6061)
      Dimensions: D: 145mm, H: 16mm

      1. Carries sample cells, controlled by a motor to rotate samples;

      2. Holds reference and standard components for referencing, self-check, and calibration.

Technical Specifications



Wavelength Range




Spectroscopic Principle

Array MEMS Micromirror + Grating


InGaAs Detector

Baseline Noise


Wavelength Repeatability


Wavelength Accuracy


Absorbance Repeatability


Testing Time


Data Interval





L:370mm x W250mm x H146mm


7 kg


7-inch Touch Screen

Operational Temperature


Operating Humidity


Storage Temperature


Light Source

Halogen-Tungsten Lamp

Power Supply


Power Consumption


Integrated Operating System within the Device


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