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Food Industry

  • · Efficient Detection, Safeguarding Food Safety
    To ensure food safety and quality, we provide a set of professional and efficient Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) analysis technology solutions, offering rapid, non-destructive, energy-efficient, and precise testing solutions for food enterprises. These solutions strongly support the food production process, enhancing production efficiency, real-time quality monitoring, and ensuring food safety.
  • · Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving, Leading Green Detection
    NIRS analysis technology is distinguished by its non-contact and non-destructive capabilities. It can precisely detect without damaging the samples, effectively avoiding waste and secondary pollution. Additionally, its rapid detection capability allows for the measurement of a large number of samples in a short time, significantly improving detection efficiency, reducing energy consumption, saving labor, and an achieving genuine energy efficiency in testing.
  • · Accurate Data, Facilitating Process Optimization
    The technology enables full-process monitoring of raw materials, semi-finished, and finished products, ensuring the stability and consistency of product quality. With accurate and reliable data provided by NIRS technology, food enterprises can more precisely understand the main component content in products, providing a robust foundation for optimizing production processes and enhancing product quality. Moreover, we can provide customized detection solutions and production control bases according to the specific needs of enterprises, meeting the requirements of different product types and production processes, facilitating meticulous management and boosting market competitiveness.