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IAS-3100 Laboratory NIR Analyzer: A Powerful Assistant to Improve Laboratory Analysis Efficiency

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With the rapid advancements in science and technology, laboratory analysis has gained increasingly important in enhancing scientific research and bolstering production efficiency. In this process, various advanced analytical instruments and equipment play a vital role. Among them, the IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer, developed by IAT (Singapore) Technology has become a powerful assistant in the field of laboratory analysis due to its accuracy and convenience.


Introduction and functional characteristics of IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer


The IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer adopts a large-area scanning mode, which helps to collect a broader range of samples and obtain higher-quality spectra a single measurement. Furthermore, the instrument supports batch analysis, reducing labor requirements while accommodating larger sample volumes. Versatile in its capabilities, the IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer can be used to analyze granular, powdery and liquid samples, making it an optimal choice for laboratory analysis.


(1) Compact and portable: The IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer adopt a compact design that occupies minimal space and offer effortless portability. Its lightweight construction enables users to seamlessly transport it between various locations with ease.

(2) Self-maintenance: Equipped with an automatic calibration function, the IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer conducts regular self-tests to uphold the accuracy and stability of measurement data. Additionally, its built-in intelligent diagnostic system continuously monitors the instrument’s status in real-time, promptly alerting users to any anomalies detection for swift response.

(3) Simple operation:Simplifying the testing process, IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer does not require the need for sample pretreatment or chemical reagents. With just the push of a button labeled “Start”, users can quickly analyze multiple parameters, ensuring quick and convenient operation.

(4) Multiple sizes: Through a range of sample cells, the IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer enables flexible processing of samples of different quantities and conditions, meeting the needs of a variety of experimental analyses.  

(5) Large-area collection: Leveraging its capability for larger area illumination and data collection, the IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer excels at handling extensive sample areas, thereby improving the accuracy and reliability of analysis results.

Application of IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer in laboratory analysis

Feed analysis

The IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer can analyze sample information under complex backgrounds, directly and accurately obtain real-time information during the production process, and implement online monitoring for quality control in feed production, which helps feed production companies improve product quality. Reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, thereby enhancing the profitability of enterprises.

Fermentation industry

The application of the IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer in the fermentation industry is primarily reflected in its capacity to provide dynamic control and precise node management. This functionality optimizes the production process, leading to enhanced product quality and increased output.

Fruit industry

The application of IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer’s integration into the fruit industry primarily focuses on two key aspects: intelligent sorting and quality control. This dual functionality plays a significant role in improving both the efficiency and quality of fruit production.

Tobacco industry

The IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer excels in its applications within the tobacco industry. Its rapid screening capability enables tobacco manufacturers to efficiently test large numbers of samples within a short timeframe, thereby improving production efficiency. Moreover, its quality control function facilitates the timely detection of quality variations, enabling prompt adjustments to be measure accordingly.


In conclusion, the IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer is increasingly vital in the field of laboratory analysis due to its rapid, precise, and non-destructive features. It not only enhances efficiency and accuracy in lab operations but also plays a role in cost reduction, making it a highly efficient analytical instrument. Therefore, for laboratories requiring frequent sample analysis needs, adopting IAT (Singapore) Technology's IAS-3100 laboratory NIR analyzer is a wise decision that aids in productivity.