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The IAS-3120 Portable NIR Analyzer: Enhancing Precision and Convenience in Field Testing

June 12 Source: Intelligent Browse: 134

The IAS-3120 Portable NIR Analyzer, developed by IAT (Singapore) Technology, has emerged as a game-changer in the field of rapid testing. This innovative device, equipped with advanced digital exposure spectroscopy technology offers exceptional sensitivity and precision in a compact, integrated design. In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of the IAS-3120, highlighting its ability to enhance precision and convenience in field testing.



Advanced Technology for Enhanced Precision

The IAS-3120 Portable NIR Analyzer is engineered to provide precise and reliable results, making it essential across various industries. Its cutting-edge digital exposure spectroscopy technology ensures accurate samples analysis, delivering consistent and high-quality testing outcomes. This advanced technology sets the IAS-3120 apart, enabling users to obtain precise measurements with confidence.

Convenience in Field Testing

One of the key advantages of the IAS-3120 is its portability, which facilitates on-site testing in diverse environments. The compact and lightweight design of the analyzer allows for easy transport and field use, eliminating the need for bulky laboratory equipment. This convenience empowers users to conduct real-time testing, saving time and resources while maintaining accuracy and reliability.

Product Description

The 3100-Medium Sample Cell is an essential component of the IAS-3120 Portable NIR Analyzer, specifically designed for small granular or powdery samples. Made from durable 6061 aluminum alloy, this sample cell is built to endure rigorous field testing. With dimensions of D:138mm and H:25mm (excluding the handle), the 3100-Medium Sample Cell provides a versatile solution for analyzing materials such as feed pellets, flour, rice bran, and rice bran meal. Its robust functionality enhances the IAS-3120’s capability to precisely handle a wide range of samples, making it an essential accessory for comprehensive analysis.

Enhanced Accuracy for Small Granular Samples

The 3100-Medium Sample Cell is specifically tailored for small granular samples like feed pellets. This tailored design ensures highly accurate analysis, offering valuable insights into the composition and quality of these samples. When used with the IAS-3120, the 3100-Medium Sample Cell provides users to enhance precision in testing small granular materials, supporting and contributing to the overall decision-making and quality control processes.

Precise Analysis of Powdery Samples

In addition to small granular samples, the 3100-Medium Sample Cell is also proficient in handling powdery materials like flour and rice bran. Its versatile functionality extends to the analysis of these powdery samples, enabling users to obtain precise measurements of their chemical composition and properties. This capability is crucial in industries such as food processing and chemicals, where accurate assessment of powdery materials is vital for ensuring product quality and safety.


The IAS-3120 Portable NIR Analyzer, paired with the 3100-Medium Sample Cell, marks a significant advancement in field testing technology. Its precision and convenience make it a valuable asset for industries requiring rapid and accurate sample analysis. Featuring advanced digital exposure spectroscopy technology and the capability to precisely handle both small granular and powdery samples, the IAS-3120 is set to revolutionize the way field testing is conducted, setting new standards for efficiency and reliability. As the demand for on-site testing solutions grows, the IAS-3120 Portable NIR Analyzer leads the way, equipping users with the tools to make informed decisions and achieve excellence in their respective fields.