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IAT Showcases Innovations at Malaysia Laboratory Equipment & Biotech Expo

August 18 Source: IAT(Singapore) Technology Intelligent Browse: 783

Aiming to promote food security in Malaysia and beyond, The Malaysia Laboratory Equipment & Biotech Expo (LBT+) was held at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park in Serdang from March 1st to March 3rd 2024 with a focus on agricultural sector. The expo attracted experts and scholars from various fields to share the latest advancements in the food industry.

At this expo, IAT stood out with its exceptional product quality and advanced detection technology. Visitors showed keen interests in IAT's products and technologies and inquired about product features, performance, and applications in details. They also exchanged ideas with IAT staff about the development trends and market demands of near-infrared spectroscopy analysis technology in the food industry, exploring collaborative opportunities.

IAT presented two flagship products at the expo: IAS-3120 and IAS-5100 portable NIR spectrometer. IAS-3120, noted for its high sensitivity and accuracy, is especially suited for rapid analysis of small particles, powder, strips, and pastes. It can be used to assess raw materials as well as finished products, in laboratories as well as production sites, enabling real-time monitoring to enhance product quality control.

IAS-5100 stands out with its innovative side illumination design which allows sufficient mixing of larger particles and hence significantly improves the accuracy of the result. It is suitable for assessing grains such as rice, wheat, corn, and oil seeds like sesame and peanuts, covering a wide range of analytical indicators including moisture, protein, fat, amylose, ash wet gluten, fatty acids, starch, oleic acid, acid value, and oil. It can facilitate seed selection, quality grading and value-based pricing. Its automatic feature makes it very friendly to beginners to use.

LBT+ was a new platform for IAT to demonstrate its strengths and foster extensive collaborations with peers in Malaysia to promote near-infrared spectroscopy technology in the food industry. IAT will stay committed to near-infrared detection technology and make more contributions to global food security and quality control.