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IAT Debuts at the Hungarian International Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

August 18 Source: IAT(Singapore) Technology Intelligent Browse: 813

The Budapest International Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery Exhibition (AGROMASH EXPO), one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in Europe, was held from January 24 to January 27, 2024, at the Budapest Exhibition Center. Products displayed at the exhibition included agricultural machinery, agrochemical, livestock equipment, irrigation equipment and more. IAT showcased its latest NIR spectroscopy analysis technology and solutions at the exhibition.

Organized annually by Hungexpo International Exhibition Company, this year’s AGROMASH EXPO spanned over 30,000 square meters with exhibitors from 12 countries, including Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Singapore. The exhibition received strong support from the local government and the International Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and attracted over 40,000 visitors in four days.

IAT’s exhibition attracted many visitor inquiries and received recognition for its reliable product quality, advanced detection technology, and user-friendly interactive design. Potential B2B partners as well as experts and scholars and IAT representatives had delightful in-depth discussions over topics related to R&D, market demand, and application cases of NIR spectroscopy analysis technology in agriculture and inspired each other to find impactful solutions together.

The showcased IAS-3120 portable NIR spectrometer employs advanced digital exposure spectral technology. It demonstrates exceptional sensitivity and precision in a compact, portable design. It's a rapid analysis tool specifically designed for small particles, powders, strips, and pastes. It has been widely used in testing the components of rice bran, rice bran meal, soybean meal, fish mince, distillers' grains, flour, and more in China. Whether it is for raw materials or finished products, in the laboratory or on the production site, IAS-3120 delivers reliable analysis results in a short time and enable customers to take data-driven actions to improve productivity and product quality. It also helps in the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises.

The IAS-5100 portable NIR spectrometer features an innovative diffusive side-illumination device with a mixing feature, enhancing the accuracy of analyzing granular samples. It can accurately predict key components in agricultural products, including rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, sesame, peanuts, rapeseed, sorghum, barley, and flax seed. The instrument is highly intuitive and only needs one click to start analyzing work, allowing operators without specialized training to perform tasks efficiently. It can be used in multiple situaitions such as trading markets, inside truck, and agricultural fields. The prediction models used in IAS-5100 are built on a large database created from extensive sampling, which further enhances the accuracy of the analysis results.

At this exhibition, IAT received warm interests from various countries and established communication and cooperation opportunities with visiting guests. Moving forward, we will continue to work diligently to deep our expertise in NIR technology and incorporate more front-tech into our products and services to serve customers better, especially in real-time testing applications. IAT remains committed to promoting the intelligent and digital transformation of agriculture and providing customers with more efficient and effective application solutions.